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At Liftra, we design and deliver tailor-made solutions for special lifting and transportation tasks in the wind turbine industry. Each of our projects is unique and has been developed with a specific customer or task in mind.

The wind is a vital component in engineering a sustainable future, and we are committed to doing our part in unlocking its full potential. We do this by providing solutions that lower the cost of energy for wind turbine operators worldwide.


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    AWEA 2017 is underway in Anaheim, CA, and we are excited to be taking part. Stop by booth 2636 for a chat about the Self-Hoisting Crane technology and all of our other lifting and transportation solutions.

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    We have open positions at our headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark.
    We are looking for engineers, both mechanical (DMS) and electrical (EMSD), who possess a bright mind and thrive in a fast-paced setting, for developing state-of-the-art lifting and transportation solutions for the wind turbine industry.

    Job description [PDF]:

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    The Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane is now available for service in Europe. In its Europe debut, one of our maintenance teams changed the gearbox on a Vestas V90 turbine in Germany. As another 'first', we installed the crane from 60 m away from the tower, because soft soil around the turbine ruled out heavy crane equipment up close.

    This made for an eye-catching sight as the crane hoisted itself at an angle to the 105 m tall turbine – and it was all caught on camera: