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Liftra liefert maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für spezielle Hebe- und Transporttechnik Aufgaben innerhalb der Industrie. Erkunden Sie unsere Website, um mehr über Liftra und unseren Produkten zu erfahren und sehen Sie eine Auswahl von Projekten, an denen wir gearbeitet haben. Jedes Projekt ist einzigartig und wurde mit einem bestimmten Kunden oder einem Gedanken entwickelt.



    LinkedIn Company Updates

  • 11/10/2017view on linkedin


    China Windpower 2017 is next week, and we are excited to be exhibiting in Beijing. As always, Liftra is part of the Pavilion of Denmark, and our booth number this time is W1-D02. The exhibition runs Tuesday through Thursday, 17-19 October.

    With installed capacity continuing to rise, the Chinese market has incredible potential for many of our core solutions in turbine installation, transportation and major component replacement. Stop by our booth to learn more.

  • 4/10/2017view on linkedin


    Liftra Open House 2017 is in the books, and we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to visit on Monday. After weeks of rigorous testing, Blade Way was finally put on live display in our yard, where we installed and lowered the test blade several times – with no cranes involved, of course.

  • 27/9/2017view on linkedin


    Blade Way Update
    We have now completed the full process of installing a blade on the test tower at Liftra HQ in preparation for our Open House on 2 October. The steps include:
    • Lifting the blade off the ground and up to the test tower.
    • Attaching the blade to the tower 'hub'.
    • Releasing both the root yoke and tip yoke (depicted here).
    • Everything in reverse to lower the blade back down.

    More on Liftra Open House 2017: