Davit crane for offshore foundations

    LT1070-1 Davit Crane

    2700 – 5000m Reach

    Designed for lifting tools and other equipment from ship to the foundation of an offshore wind turbine. Intergrated hoist. All mechanical parts, brake, motor, slip clutch and gearbox are enclosed in an oil chamber to prevent corosion.


    WLL1000kg at Hs=1,6m

    • 20+ year Lifespan
    • Certified for personal rescue
    • WLL 1000kg
    • 2700-5000 MM Reach Interval
    • 2800-5000 MM Lifting
    • Height Interval

    Static Load: 2000kg
    Hoist: Stainless steel structure, oil-flooded drivetrain, stainless chain
    Spare Parts: Revolutionary spare parts system, with modular pre-assembled parts, for immediate onsite remedy of defects/worn out parts.
    Service: Lowering of top structure for maintenance without use of scaffolding modular design ensures easy, fast and complete exchange of faulty modules, eliminating RCA problem-fixing at sea.

    Approved for:
    European Union (EU), Offshore (IMO), DNV