Engineering and manufacturing of turnkey solutions

At Liftra, we design, engineer, manufacture and deliver tailor-made solutions for special lifting and transportation tasks in the wind turbine industry. We specialize in developing equipment that solves the specific challenges that customers face in the field.

Liftra is committed to providing technologies that lower the cost of energy for wind turbine operators worldwide. The wind is a vital component in engineering a sustainable future, and we strive to do our part in unlocking its full potential.


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  • 23/5/2019view on linkedin


    The new Liftra C-Hook makes it possible to lift gearboxes from the turbine to the ground at a distance of 25 meters from the turbine. The C-Hook lifting tool is designed for the LT1200 Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane, and is developed for use both onshore and offshore.

    Exchanging major components on a turbine is rarely a straightforward task, and can be further complicated by factors such as landscapes and ground conditions. The C-Hook is a cost-effective and mobile solution for areas faced with logistical challenges, such as a raised turbine base.

    The LT1200 Self-Hoisting Crane is a cost-effective and universal solution for exchanging major components with a weight of up to 78 ton. It is easily transported in a single 40-foot container, which means the onsite footprint is kept to a minimum.

    For more information on the C-Hook feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call.

  • 22/5/2019view on linkedin


    After a busy first day at the WindPower exhibition in Houston, we are looking forward to yet another day filled with interesting and valuable discussions.

    Be sure to swing by booth #2121 to learn more about our installation, maintenance and transportation solutions.


  • 21/5/2019view on linkedin


    We are proud to announce the first blade installations in China with the Blade Dragon. The Blade Dragon was used to install 75+ meter blades on two 6-MW offshore turbines. The operation went very smoothly, and we would like to thank everyone involved with the project.

    Blade Dragon is a remote-controlled and electrically powered yoke that can install blades at all angles on the hub by rotating the blades in the air, which allows the turbine to remain unpowered throughout, and in continuation hereof eliminates the need for installing turning gear. Lifting in a single point with Liftra's patented pad technology, Blade Dragon can operate in wind speeds up to 18 m/s.

    Find more information on the Blade Dragon here