Udvikling og produktion af komplette løsninger

Liftra designer, producerer og leverer skræddersyede løsninger til specielle løfte- og transportopgaver i vindmøllebranchen. Vores speciale er udvikling af udstyr der løser de specifikke udfordringer som den enkelte kunde står over for.

I Liftra er det vores ambition at levere teknologi der sænker prisen på vindenergi for vindmølleejere verden over. Vindenergi er af afgørende betydning for en bæredygtig fremtid, og vi kæmper for at branchen kan udnytte vinden til fulde.



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    Lowering the rotor is the most costly and restrictive operation involved in replacing a wind turbine's gearbox. The rotor is both the heaviest component and the one most susceptible to the wind. However, lowering it can be avoided altogether if the main shaft is held in place with a fixture.

    To reduce maintenance costs even further, Liftra has developed a new line of Main Shaft Fixtures that comprise a modular system with interchangeable parts. The new design allows the equipment to be used on many different turbines simply by exchanging some of the modules that are custom-built to fit in each turbine.

    The Main Shaft Fixture secures the main shaft to the nacelle bedframe in turbines where the rotor is counterbalanced by the gearbox assembly. As a result, a lower overall crane capacity is required for the gearbox exchange.

    Learn more about this system here:

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    Wind O&M Dallas is on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we will be present throughout, excited to exhibit and network alongside our wind colleagues.

    Liftra designs and manufactures a long list of operations and maintenance equipment for a long list of turbines – from rotor yokes and blade tip clampers to the Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane. Come by booth 59 to learn how our tools make a difference in the field.

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    Day two of WindEurope 2019 in Bilbao is flying by, and we are getting ready to entertain guests in the afternoon hours with a serving of award-winning Hjort Beer. Find us at booth E54 in Hall 1. #windeurope