Entwicklung und Produktion von Schlüsselfertigen Lösungen

Liftra entwickelt, produziert und liefert kundenspezifische Lösungen für spezielle Hebe- und Transportaufgaben in der Windindustrie.


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    The Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane fits in a standard 40-foot container and takes up very little space at the turbine, allowing operators to change gearboxes and other components with minimal mobilization, a negligible on-site footprint, and fewer weather delays (up to 18 m/s).

    Self-Hoisting Cranes have replaced more than 300 gearboxes worldwide. Find out more here:

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    The Global Offshore Wind exhibition kicks off next week in Manchester, 19-20 June. Liftra will be present at Booth 56. The global offshore wind market is booming and ripe with challenges, so swing by to learn how our latest developments in blade installation and transportation tools can improve offshore operations. #PavilionofDenmark

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