LT1012-1 Turning Gear V80-V90

    Nos. Hydraulic / mechanical turning gear for Vestas V80 and V90 turbines. The turning gear consists of the following main parts:

    • Oiltank in steel with return filter, fluid level gauges and lift bracket. Pump / motor unit and electric control box are mounted on the oiltank. The oil flow is 33 l/min. with a max. pressure of 80 bar.
    • Manually operated control valve with pressure relief valve, which is mounted on the oiltank
    • Power output from electric motor is 4 kW with 3x400V 50Hz power supply
    • 2 nos hydraulic orbit motor with double over center valves
    • 2 nos planetary gear with pinion and adapter for hydraulic motor.
    • Open gear transmission. All necessary brackets, bolts, covers etc. for mounting the turning gear on the wind turbine.
    • Hydraulic hoses supplied with flat face couplings.
    • Flight case, Peli case 1560, hydraulic handpump for breaking, chain ratchet hoist, web sling etc.