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Liftra entrega soluciones hechas a medida para tareas especiales de izado y transporte dentro de la industria eólica. Entra en nuestro sitio web y obtén más información de Liftra, nuestros productos, y además podrás ver una selección de los proyectos en los que hemos trabajado.



    LinkedIn Company Updates

  • 22/5/2019view on linkedin


    After a busy first day at the WindPower exhibition in Houston, we are looking forward to yet another day filled with interesting and valuable discussions.

    Be sure to swing by booth #2121 to learn more about our installation, maintenance and transportation solutions.


  • 21/5/2019view on linkedin


    We are proud to announce the first blade installations in China with the Blade Dragon. The Blade Dragon was used to install 75+ meter blades on two 6-MW offshore turbines. The operation went very smoothly, and we would like to thank everyone involved with the project.

    Blade Dragon is a remote-controlled and electrically powered yoke that can install blades at all angles on the hub by rotating the blades in the air, which allows the turbine to remain unpowered throughout, and in continuation hereof eliminates the need for installing turning gear. Lifting in a single point with Liftra's patented pad technology, Blade Dragon can operate in wind speeds up to 18 m/s.

    Find more information on the Blade Dragon here

  • 16/5/2019view on linkedin


    We are proud to announce the arrival of the first Liftra Blade Skylark. Once it has been run through testing, it will ship out to the customer.

    The Blade Skylark is designed for vertical replacement of blades and blade bearings, and works with both the LT1000 and LT1200 Liftra Self-Hoisting Cranes for craneless blade exchange, as well as with conventional cranes. As the yoke grabs the blade vertically instead of horizontally, the required hook height for conventional cranes is lowered.

    Blade Skylark can rotate blades 90 degrees, can operate in wind speeds up to 12 m/s, and is designed for use both onshore and offshore. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons, however WLL can be increased upon request. A simple adapter makes it easy to configure the Blade Skylark to fit multiple blade types.