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    LinkedIn Company Updates

  • 18/9/2018view on linkedin


    New crane base verified: We are pleased to announce that our base for the Nordex 2.5 MW has achieved final verification. Its first use in the field went according to plan, as we sent a Self-Hoisting Crane to change gearboxes on a N90/2500 turbine in Norway.

    Adding the Nordex 2.5 MW platform to the suite of turbines that can be serviced by Liftra Self-Hoisting Cranes is a great benchmark.

    For the full lineup of crane bases, see here:

  • 12/9/2018view on linkedin


    Number of the day: 222 blades have been installed by Liftra Blade Eagles since 2015. All offshore, on three continents with three different crews, and we are proud to have recorded no breakdowns and no delays caused by the yokes on jack-up.

    Key benchmarks for installation of 3 blades:
    • Average time elapsed: 6-7 hours
    • Shortest time elapsed: 5.5 hours
    • Longest time elapsed: 12 hours

    Blade Eagle installs single blades with no need for a turning gear. Learn more here:

  • 10/9/2018view on linkedin


    We are on the verge of an exciting next step in craneless maintenance technology: The LT1200, a Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane with increased capacity. Soon we can replace even heavier components with no large cranes to mobilize.

    With a rated capacity of 45 tons at 6-meter reach and 78 tons at 3.5-meter reach, the coming LT1200 will be able to lift gearboxes in larger turbines and even full rotors up to 78 tons, including on the GE 1.5 MW and Siemens 2.3 MW.

    A number of turbine interfaces for the new Self-Hoisting Crane will be launched at the same time.