LT021 Main Shaft Yoke

Enables exchange of main shafts on several turbines

Liftra Main Shaft Yoke enables exchange of main shafts on several turbines. It can be used with the Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane or with a conventional crane.

Liftra Main Shaft Yoke (LT021 / CN19799) is a proven product applied in various main shaft exchange operations.

The Main Shaft Yoke currently supports the below listed turbines but can be configured for additional turbine types upon request.

The LT021 Main Shaft Yoke is delivered with the following accessories: Transport racks, Toolboxes (2 pcs.) and Lifting Equipment (slings, shackles etc.)

  • Turbines supported:
    • General Electric: GE 1.5, GE 1.6, GE 1.68, GE 1.7, GE 1.79, GE 1.85, GE 2.x
    • Mitsubishi: MWT1000a
    • Siemens Gamesa: SWP 2.3 MW
  • WLL: 20T
  • Max. wind speed: 18 m/s