Blade Way root and tip yokes being hoisted to the blade.
  • Blade Way root yoke attached to the blade.
  • Blade Way lowering a blade at night.
  • Blade Way installing a blade at Liftra headquarters.
  • Blade Way setup and footprint on-site.
  • Blade Way tip yoke releasing a blade after installation.
  • Dual light-weight crane and hoist blocks.
  • Blade Way root yoke attached to a blade.

LT1100 Blade Way

Single blade and pitch bearing replacement

Blade Way is the latest breakthrough in craneless technologies from Liftra. The technology handles single blades with no use of large cranes, allowing for replacement of blades or blade bearings with much improved flexibility and reduced mobilization costs.

Blade Way comes in two 40-foot containers that can be transported to site by just two standard trucks.

The Blade Way system is comprised of several distinct subsystems:

  • A root yoke and a tip yoke, which are based on a decade of development in optimal blade clamping technologies, including the Blade Dragon and the LT5002 Blade Yoke.
  • A wire system with winches in a container on the ground and up-tower hoist blocks, resembling the system invented for the Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane.
  • A dual light-weight crane up-tower.
  • Eliminate the need for large cranes.
  • Reduced mobilization costs.
  • Minimal on-site footprint.
  • Hub heights up to 170 m
  • Peak wind speed: 12 m/s
  • Rated capacity: 14.6 ton

This project has received funding from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP).

This project has received funding from the Market Development Fund.

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