Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane lowering a vertical blade with the Blade Skylark
  • Blade Skylark lowering a blade at a tiny site

LT1104-1 Blade Skylark

Vertical replacement of blades and blade bearings

The Liftra Blade Skylark is designed for vertical replacement of blades and blade bearings. It works with both the LT1000 and LT1200 Self-Hoisting Cranes for craneless blade exchange, as well as with conventional cranes. As the yoke grabs the blade vertically rather than horizontally, a lower hook height than usual is required when using a conventional crane.

The Blade Skylark can rotate blades 90 degrees, and is designed for use both onshore and offshore. It has a default lifting capacity of 12 tons, but it is possible to increase WLL upon request. A simple adapter makes it easy to configure the Blade Skylark to fit multiple blade types.

  • Vertical exchange of blades and blade bearings
  • Supports craneless blade exchange
  • Supports conventional blade exchange
  • Easy configuration: Simple adapter can be changed to fit multiple blade types
  • WLL 12 tons
  • Wind speed limit: 12 m/s
  • Onshore & offshore

This project has received funding from the Market Development Fund.