Liftra Tower Stacking Frames during transport
  • Tower stacking frames being prepared for sea transportation
  • Tower stacking frames being prepared for shipping
  • Transport feet for tower stacking frames being prepared for shipping

LT532-2 & LT532-3 Tower Stacking Frames

Sea transportation of tower sections

Each set of stacking frames consists of 4 support feet, 2 frames and ladders. Using a fork lift, two feet are assembled on the top tower section, and ladders are subsequently mounted. The bottom section is mounted with feet and frames and lifted to stacking area on the ship. Next, the top section is lifted and joined with the bottom section.

Compact container transport

Liftra Tower Stacking Frames can be packed on wagons and rolled into a standard container.
A 40′ container can hold 10 stacking frames or 24 support feet with ladders. This means that 5 stacking frame sets fit into two 40′ containers or three 20′ containers.


  • Save USD 350,000-650,000 per shipment
  • Minimize space requirements
  • Fits all tower flanges measuring 2.3-5.0 m and weighing up to 100 t
  • Fast assembly of tower sections
  • 1st generation launched in 2005
  • Rental or purchase

Approved by DNV

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