Vestas V82 wind turbine with Liftra main shaft fixture
  • Vestas V82 main shaft fixture
  • Vestas V82 wind turbine main shaft fixture
  • Vestas and NEG Micon main shaft fixture packed container

LT019-1 Main Shaft Fixture

Vestas and NEG Micon NM64C-72-82/1500 and NM72/1650 & V82

Fix the rotor in place to reduce costs when changing gearboxes. The main shaft fixture can be assembled with the turbine crane without an external main crane and without dismantling the rotor. As a result, the required capacity of the main crane is significantly lower, since it has to only lift the gearboxes. All Liftra main shaft fixtures are equipped ejector systems that slide the gearbox clear of the main shaft with a force of up to 30 tons.

Discontinued product – replaced by LT1039 Main Shaft Fixture

  • Save time
  • Save rotor lowering costs
  • Minimize risks
  • Work in higher wind velocities
  • Assemble the fixture inside the nacelle
  • Ejector system automatically slides off the gearbox