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LT1039/LT1239 Base system & Main shaft fixture

In most wind turbines, the rotor is counterbalanced by the gearbox assembly, meaning that the rotor must be secured before removing the gearbox. This is typically done by lowering the rotor to the ground. Liftras Main Shaft Fixtures secure the main shaft to the nacelle bedframe, eliminating the need to lower the rotor entirely. This reduces the overall crane capacity required for the exchange, as the rotor assembly is generally the heaviest component.

As opposed to previous models, Liftras new Main Shaft Fixtures form a modular system with parts that are interchangeable between turbine models. The flexible design lowers turbine maintenance costs even further, as the equipment can be used on a variety of different turbines simply by exchanging certain modules that are custom-built to fit in each turbine. All Liftra Main Shaft Fixtures are equipped with ejector systems that slide the gearbox clear of the main shaft.


  • Save time
  • Save rotor lowering costs
  • Minimize risks
  • Work in higher wind velocities
  • Assemble the fixture inside the nacelle
  • Ejector system automatically slides off the gearbox