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LT1100-1-204 - Blade Tip Clamper

Blade Tip Clamp designed for supporting the blade tip end during rotor lifts, and other operations that require blade tip support. It can be adjusted to different blade thicknesses, and the current blade types supported are listed below. The Blade Tip Clamp can be adapted to further blade types, upon request. The Blade Tip Clamp is electro-hydraulically driven, powered by batteries, and it is equipped with a mechanical safety lock that prevents the blade from dropping in case of hydraulic malfunction. Rigging equipment is included, e.g. spreader beam, chains, and shackles.


  • Simple 6-button controller
  • Blade types supported (can be adapted for more upon request):
  • Siemens (full rotor lift): B63, B69, B75
  • Siemens (Hub + single blade): B63, B69
  • WLL, max: 12,5 ton
  • Weight, total: 3,100 kg.
  • Max wind speed: Blade-specific
  • Approved for use in USA, EU, Canada, Onshore
  • Min. working temperature: -20°C
  • Max. working temperature: +50°C
  • Yoke measurements during transport (HxWxL): 2058 x 2042 x 3673 mm