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LT1104 - Blade Skylark

The Liftra Blade Skylark is designed for vertical replacement of blades and blade bearings. It works with both the LT1000 and LT1200 Self-Hoisting Cranes for craneless blade exchange, as well as with conventional cranes. As the yoke grabs the blade vertically rather than horizontally, a lower hook height than usual is required when using a conventional crane.

The Blade Skylark can rotate blades 90 degrees and is designed for use both onshore and offshore. It has a default lifting capacity of 12 tons, but it is possible to increase WLL upon request. A simple adapter makes it easy to configure the Blade Skylark to fit multiple blade types.

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  • Vertical exchange of blades and blade bearings
  • Supports craneless blade exchange
  • Supports conventional blade exchange
  • Easy configuration: Simple adapter can be changed to fit multiple blade types
  • WLL 12 tons
  • Wind speed limit: 12 m/s
  • Onshore & offshore