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LT5017 -  Universal rotor turning gear

Liftra's Universal Rotor Turning gear can be used on multiple wind turbine platforms, with a turbine specific interface kit. The base unit has a torque capacity up to 52 kNm. Upon request, WTG interafaces can be developed and later purchased as add-on to base unit.

This product has recieved development funding:

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    The LT5017 Universal Rotor Turning gear fits the turbine models seen on the sheet to the left.

  • Interface - Each turbine model requires a unique turbine interface but share the same base unit.
  • Upgrade kit - Some turbine models require supplementary motors in addition to the motor included with the base unit.
  • A Rotor lock with mechanical locking system for high-speed shafts is available as an add-on to the system.
  • Spare parts list - A package with the most common spare parts can be purchased as an add-on to the system.