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LT945-1 Nacelle Crane for Generator

This system is designed for replacing the generator in Vestas V80 turbine by using the internal Tirak crane of the nacelle. The cooler crane is used for lifting the air-to-air cooler and relocate inside the nacelle. The generator lifting yoke is used to lift the generator.

The system is designed to fit these three types of generators for Vestas V80 turbines:
1. ABB generator: 5,700 kg and cooler: 430 kg. (gen: 12,566 lbs, Cooler: 948 lbs)
2. Weier generator: 5,500 kg and cooler: 650 kg. (gen: 12,125 lbs, Cooler: 1,433 lbs)
3. Leroy Somer generator: 6,800 kg and cooler: 850 kg. (gen: 14,991 lbs, Cooler: 1,874 lbs)