Project Engineers, Denmark

Liftra provides machinery and equipment for handling wind turbine components. We continue to set new standards in the industry, and we have many innovative projects on the drawing board – which is why we need even more talented engineers.

If you possess a bright mind, are able to keep track of multiple projects, thrive in a fast-paced environment and finish assignments on time – you will fit right in at Liftra.

We are seeking both newly educated and experienced engineers, both with bachelor and master degree.

At Liftra, you will need:

  • Your technical knowledge from the university – with focus on mechanical design and calculation of structural strength.
  • A general interest in designing mechanical systems, including integration of both hydraulic, electric and structural systems.
  • Solid skills in ANSYS and 3D CAD – preferably SolidWorks.
  • A natural drive, high spirits and the ability to cooperate on projects.
  • Possibilities of implementing the product on site with direct contact with our

Your responsibilities at Liftra will include:

  • A-to-Z development – from specification and concept to final implementation of
    the product.
  • Ensure that projects comply with our internal standards and procedures.
  • Coordinate with our Supply Chain on choice of suppliers and solutions.

Contact: Director of Engineering, Thomas Bagger Madsen, +45 78 79 34 46,

We have 3 available positions.

About Liftra

Liftra develops and manufactures transportation, lifting and installation equipment for wind turbines. Among our customers are many of the well-known global wind turbine manufacturers. Liftra is an engineering company founded in 2003, and we have grown steadily ever since. In 2013, we were awarded “Ingeniørens Produktpris” for our Self-Hoisting Crane, and in 2017 we were named the most innovative growth company in Denmark.

We are headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, and we have office space and production facilities in the USA, China, Spain and Poland. In total, Liftra counts about 300+ employees.

Anja Lykka StevnProject Engineers, Denmark