LT5002 blade installation at Block Island Wind Farm

Liftra completes hattrick – first to install blades offshore on three continents

A team of Liftra technicians and an LT5002 Blade Yoke recently installed the first of three GE Haliade 150-6MW turbines at an offshore wind farm in China near Taiwan.

With the successful installation, Liftra is now the first supplier to have delivered blade yokes for offshore blade installation on all three continents with offshore wind energy generation – North America, Asia, and Europe.

In Asia, the LT5002 was used at Fujian Xinghua Gulf Offshore Wind Farm. In North America, an LT5002 Blade Yoke was deployed for the installation of Block Island Wind Farm in 2016. Block Island is the first offshore wind farm in the USA.

In Europe, Liftra blade yokes have been involved in multiple offshore projects. The LT656 ‘Scorpion’ Yoke was used for blade installation on GE Haliade 150-6MW turbines at Belwin 1 offshore wind farm. Unlike newer Liftra technologies, i.e. the LT870, the LT5002, and the Blade Dragon, the Scorpion features both a root yoke and a tip yoke. Liftra’s LT870 Blade Yoke was at Nordsee Ost to install 61.5-meter blades on 92 turbines, a mix of LM and REpower blades.

Liftra has implemented a patented clamping technology in all newer blade installation tools. The system uses a series of pads that run length-wise along the blade’s strong core. The pressure is automatically distributed between the pads around the internal spar caps to minimize the risk of blade damage while preventing the blade from slipping.

Thomas SandbjergLiftra completes hattrick – first to install blades offshore on three continents