Liftra’s Blade Skylark cuts crane costs on blade exchanges

Liftra has launched its newest blade yoke, the Blade Skylark. With a Blade Skylark, expenses related to crane rental can be significantly reduced when replacing single blades.

The new tool can replace blades in vertical position and can be used both with Liftra’s Self-Hoisting Cranes and with conventional cranes.

When used with a conventional crane, a smaller crane than usual can complete the exchange. Normally, the crane must reach the blades in horizontal position, but with the Blade Skylark, the crane only needs to reach the vertical blade at its center of gravity. Therefore, the required hook height is significantly reduced.

When a Blade Skylark is used with a Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane, single blades can be changed without large conventional cranes altogether.

The Blade Skylark is built with Liftra’s patented pad technology. Pressure is automatically distributed over the blade surface to ensure high friction while minimizing risk of blade damage. The concept has been used for blade installations in North America, Europe, and China.

In technical terms, the new yoke can rotate blades 90 degrees from vertical position and place them safely in supports on the ground. The tool is designed for use both onshore and offshore, and the lifting capacity can be customized. By default, it is 12 tons.

The Blade Skylark is based on developments funded by the Market Development Fund. The Market Development Fund is a body of the Danish Business Authority that supports technological advances with commercial promise.

Thomas SandbjergLiftra’s Blade Skylark cuts crane costs on blade exchanges